Ethiopia’s record-breaking tree-planting project


Officials say that Ethiopia has just made a new world record by planting over 200 million trees in only one day. Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, is running the program, which is focused on reducing the disastrous results of deforestation and climate change in the drought-ridden country.

Several public offices have been closed so that civil servants can participate in the project. According to the United Nations, Ethiopian forests have decreased from 35 percent across all land in the early 1900s, to just a bit more than 4 percent in the 2000s.

The Prime Minister established the tree development program as a part of the Green Legacy Initiative which is active in roughly 1,000 locations throughout the country.

The goal is to reach a sum total of four billion trees. Officials have been delegated to tally up the seedlings that were planted and if the figures are accurate, this will override the old record from 2016 held by India for most trees planted a single day, which stands at 50 million.

Some people have been critical of Ahmed’s actions, saying that he’s just using the project as a distraction from the government’s current issues, such as the ethnic conflicts that have pushed around 2.5 million people from their homes.

How do plants reduce carbon emissions?

Carbon emissions are produced from a vast amount of sources: mainly factory farming and the burning of fossil fuels. Plants use photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide through stomata (tiny pores in their leaves). During the photosynthesis procedure, plants separate carbon dioxide and water into their individual molecules and combine them to create new products. After the operation is complete, the plant releases oxygen into the environment. It also creates C6H12O6, a compound similar to glucose which the plant uses as food.

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