Europe can expect a healthy number of tourists this summer


Although there is a fair amount of conflict between leading economies at the moment, vacationers are not phased as Europe’s attractiveness is predicted to hold strong over over the summer, especially for China and Brazil.

Profound tourism from China and Brazil

Both Chinese and Brazilian markets increased by four points last summer – this according to the Long-Haul Travel Barometer. The Barometer is a collaborative action between the European Travel Commission, the European Tourism Association, and Eurail. It assessed the intent of 1,000 Brazilian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and American individuals potentially travelling to Europe from last month until August 2019. The data revealed that more than 50 percent of Chinese travelers suggested that they plan on vacationing in Europe this summer. This shines a positive light on last year’s EU-China Tourism, the results of which includes the benefits of Chinese wealth, better air travel relations, and less strict visa policies in certain areas around Europe.

The Barometer survey that was conducted also revealed that nearly three quarters of Chinese vacationers plan on enjoying their European holiday for a period of 7 to 14 days, and will probably visit around four destinations on one trip. Over the last year, certain countries have become a lot more popular for Chinese travelers, such as Italy, Croatia, Monaco, Romania, Hungary, and San Marino. However, France and Germany still hold the highest spot on the European destination list.

Almost 40 percent of Brazilian travelers are also projected to visit Europe this summer. Although economic movement isn’t looking strong, recent political development in Brazil has provided hope that has had a good influence on travelers’ attitudes. Some of the major European attractions for Brazilians is the local cuisine, the beautiful sightseeing opportunities, and the breathtaking landscapes, with France and Portugal being the most popular destinations this summer.

On the other hand, Japanese tourism looks to be particularly weak this summer as only 18 percent of those surveyed had intent on traveling to Europe.

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  1. Define “healthy number” – how much is healthy and how much tourism is unhealthy in Europe? I’m not convinced that we will see healthy numbers of tourists this summer. Quite the opposite in many cities I’m afraid…

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