Facebook blocks app installation of new Huawei devices

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The umpteenth disappointment for Huawei. Facebook is now also blocking its pre-installed applications on new Huawei devices.

According to Reuters, Facebook will no longer allow new installations on Huawei’s new smartphones. With this, the Chinese smartphone maker receives yet another setback after it received a complete trade ban from the United States 2 weeks ago.

Do you currently have a Huawei smartphone? Do not panic! Customers who already own a smartphone will be able to use the Facebook apps. It will no longer be possible to install Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp on the new devices.

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Facebook itself did not want to give a response to Reuters, but the ban would already apply to every device that rolls off the band from today. That is a remarkable difference with Google. There it is only about a few applications that are banned.

It often happens that smartphone makers close deals with internet companies such as Facebook, Twitter or Booking.com. The intention is that these apps come pre-installed to the customer. After Google, Facebook is now one of the larger players that is turning its back on Huawei.

Earlier this week, Huawei announced that it had a plan B.

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