Facebook hired third-party contractors to search through users’ audio data and voice recordings


Another incident of mighty tech companies abusing their users’ privacy has recently occurred. Facebook had to deal with criticism over their management of users’ data after a Bloomberg report claiming that the social media company gathered audio data and recordings and transcribed them with the help of hundreds of third-party contractors.

The report said that the audio was taken from Facebook’s Messenger app. The conversations were compared with the transcriptions to check if the company’s artificial intelligence interpreted the data efficiently.

There are multiple methods that Facebook uses to acquire voice and audio data, but their privacy policy doesn’t contain any reference to how the audio is utilized. The contractors expressed that they considered the project to be “unethical” because Facebook hadn’t “disclosed to users that third parties may review their audio.”

For some time, the social media giant has denied the notion that Facebook has been listening to unsuspecting users through their phones.

According to spokesman Joe Osborne, Facebook ceased voice transcriptions earlier this month.

Major tech companies are listening to your private moments

This case is the most recent among the tech titans that have raised concerns over their use of third-party contractors to comb through users’ audio data. Not long ago, Amazon took some heat for permitting contractors to manually scour through Alexa recordings without explicit user consent, which resulted in the company creating an opt-out option to their Echo devices. Google also endured complaints for authorizing human reviews of audio data, which also implemented contractors to listen to what was supposed to be private Siri recordings. It was also discovered that Microsoft had listened in on several Skype calls which took place through their app translation feature.

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