Facebook to update news feed algorithm

Facebook to update news feed algorithm

The Facebook news feed has become oversaturated with fake and malevolent content. It was supposed to be a collection of posts from friends and family, but it rapidly evolved into a bombardment of viral videos, false advertisements, and click bait.

Going by what Facebook said in their Facebook Newsroom posting, they’ve conducted surveys to help generate two new ranking updates for the news feed segment. The first is designed to gauge which of your friends are of highest importance to you, and the second is made to monitor which links you utilize most frequently. Apparently the new ranking system will supersede the current ranking method used to fill the news feed. Facebook stated in their blog, “As we’ve said in the past, it’s not about the amount of time someone spends on Facebook, but rather the quality of time spent.”

How it works

Facebook currently detects your likes, friends, comments, as well as pretty much everything else, but they’ll now require you to allocate which friends you consider to be closest or most valued, so they can assess tagging, checking-in, and commenting patterns to be used in the structuring of their new algorithm. Post from your “closest friends” will rank higher than that of your regular friends, giving them a more significant spot on your news feed.

They’ve also done surveys to find out which posts you find most appealing and worthwhile of your time. This data will be used to figure out your favorite types of content that you would prefer to see above others. When deciding what should receive your attention, it takes into consideration the genre of the post, where it’s from, and what interactions it’s had.

These alterations are being made with intentions of improving the quality of your experience on Facebook rather than the quantity. They recently announced their “Remove, Reduce, Inform” strategy to help eliminate the sharing of false information.

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