Father and son dead in murder-suicide

The home in which both the father and son were found.

A father and his own young son were both found dead Monday morning. Investigators are calling this a murder-suicide which took place at their Savannah Park home in Maryville. Both the father and his son were apart of Maryville City Schools, the father being a teacher and his son being a student.

James Reagan, 38, and his son, Clark Reagan, 8, were both found in their home at around 9:30am, according to the Maryville Police.

The police had been called by a man who was supposed to come by and inspect their home that morning. The inspection was for an upcoming sale. When he arrived, he noticed smoke coming from the back of the house while hearing what sounded to be a fire alarm as well. Emergency responders were called immediately.

Both police and the fire department arrived to the scene at about 9:30am. After breaking down the door and entering the house, the respondents found both the father and the son. Both of them were in the sons bedroom, laying in bed together where a small fire burned in the room.

A statement also notes that there was a strong smell of gasoline in the bedroom.

After further investigation, it was found that both the father and his son had suffered from gunshot wounds. They were both immediately taken to Blount Memorial Hospital.

James Reagan passed at the hospital, while his son was transferred to the University of Tennessee Medical Center. He was later pronounced dead at around noon.

“The result of a murder-suicide”

Police Chief Tony Crisp told reporters that this is what he believes to be the result of a murder-suicide. He also states that the mother and father happened to be separated, the mother also being an employee with the school system.

Maryville City Schools released a statement on the situation, also letting students know that counseling is available to them. Counseling is also available for students at Montgomery Ridge Intermediate as well.

Both the father and his son were apart of Foothills Elementary, Reagan teaching first grade and being with the system for twelve years.

In the statement, sorrow is also expressed for the mother and separated wife of the deceased.

“Our hearts are also broken for our colleague, friend, and the loving mother of this young victim.”

Investigations are currently still ongoing, and an autopsy will be performed on both the father and the son.

Maryville City Schools full statement reads:

“As released by our police department earlier this afternoon, a Maryville father and son passed this morning in a terrible tragedy. Words cannot express our overwhelming sense of devastation and grief. We know the media will have many questions, so we are confirming that the two involved were, in fact, a teacher and a student in the Maryville school district. Names will be released by the family in the hours and days ahead. Our hearts are also broken for our colleague, friend, and the loving mother of this young victim. Parents of children who attend Foothills Elementary who feel their student(s) would benefit from counseling services are invited to join us between 9 a.m. and noon, tomorrow (June 11), in the library at Montgomery Ridge Intermediate (835 Montgomery Lane, Maryville, TN).”

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