Fish oil for dogs: How effective is it really?

fish oil for dogs

Something terrible is happening to your dog…

Each day, he’s getting fatter, sicker, weaker. It’s not the natural process of aging. It’s happening much quicker than that.

Why? It’s his food. Most dog food today is garbage. And our pets are paying the price.

Today health problems among pets are more rampant than ever. The good news is that it’s completely preventable.

All we need to do is change their diet.

Starting with…

Fish oil supplements: The first step towards a healthier dog

Dog’s love fish. And for hundreds and thousands of years before we domesticated them, it was a major portion of their diet.

Want proof? Check out this video to see a dog hunting fish without any training from his master:

Dog grabs giant fish!

These are dogs on a Native American (First Nations) reservation in Canada. Nobody trained them to do this…just saw them as I drove past and shot this! Seems to be a learned behavior- it’s basically in the wild and it appears mother dogs may have shown pups how to do this, long ago and the activity continues.

From this daily dose of fish, wild dogs received a regular dose of Omega 3’s, kept them healthy and happy.

The problem is, in most dog food today, omega 3’s are nowhere to be found. And that’s a big part of the reason why so many domesticated dogs get sick.

If you want your dog to be as healthy as his ancestors, you need a way to supplement it in his diet.

So here’s how you do it:

A fish oil supplement designed just for dogs

omega fish oil for dogsIn a perfect world, your dog would get all the fish oil he needs from the giant slab of wild alaskan salmon you leave in his bowl everyday.

But wild alaskan salmon is insanely expensive. And dogs can eat a lot of it!

A cheaper alternative would be those fish oil gel capsules that we take ourselves. The problem is, as I’m sure you know, it’s not easy to make a dog swallow a pill.

Want an easier way to do it? Try this: Nordic Naturals – Omega-3 Pet Oil.

Just give him a few drops on the tongue every day, and over time, you will see the changes.

“What changes specifically?” you ask. These are the 4 I believe you will be most interested in:

The 5 amazing health benefits of fish oil for dogs

1. Reduce Inflammation

As dogs age, they commonly suffer from joint problems and osteoarthritis. And inflammation, is the source of both of these conditions.

Omega 3’s from fish oil have the effect of counteracting inflammation, and significantly reducing the level of pain as a result.

2. Reduce Degenerative brain diseases

Aging dogs suffer not only from physical problems, they suffer from mental ones as well. Just like us humans, at some point, their mental alertness begins to dwindle.

Fish oil helps to keep your dog sharp by counteracting these degenerative brain diseases.

3. Build healthier fur and skin

Dry skin, dander, flaking, and shedding become ever increasing problems as your dogs age. Not only is it unattractive, it increases the chances of owners developing allergies as a result.

With fish oil, your dog’s fur and skin will stay healthier for longer. He will stay beautiful. You will stay allergy free.

4. Fighting other Chronic Diseases

It doesn’t end there. The list of chronic health conditions counteracted by fish oil are virtually endless. Some of the more common ones include:

  • Heart problems
  • Cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol levels

fish oil supplements for dogs

Why Fish Oil is the Best Source of Omega 3’s for Dogs

With dogs, not all Omega’s 3 sources are created equal. You want to make sure he gets it from fish oil specifically. Here’s why:

There are 3 types of Omega 3’s. ALA, EPA, and DHA. Common Omega 3 sources such as flaxseed oil contain ALA. Dogs don’t directly use ALA, but instead convert it into EPA and DHA for use.

However, as dogs age, they lose the ability to convert ALA into EPA and DHA.

Fish Oil already contains EPA and DHA, which is why it is a superior Omega 3 supplement, especially with aging dogs.

So get your dog some fish oil, try it out for a few months, and witness the changes in him first hand.

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