Four children found living in a storage unit

Four young children were discovered living in a storage unit in East Tennessee. While not many details are known at this point, what we do know is that the oldest child is a fourteen year old girl who was taking care of her younger brother and two babies.

After being found in the storage unit, the four children are now being moved in with a foster family to take care of them. The family is near Nashville.

“We don’t know how long, or where at necessarily, but they were found living in a storage unit. A fourteen year old girl, an eleven year old boy, and two babies essentially living in a storage unit,” said the director of Foster Family Assistance Network, Anthony Poteet. The Network is currently helping the children’s foster family.

The two babies are a two year old and an eight month old girl. Poteet posted on his Facebook page that the fourteen year old who was taking care of them was washing the children’s clothes with a hose.

Four in about 8,500 children

“This is four kids in about 8,500 that are in Tennessee,” said Poteet, “So, although this is tragic in a storage unit, I’ve never heard of, “Oh, well that’s not so bad,” while they’re in foster care or why they’re in foster care. It’s all tragic, for whatever situation it is, they’ve been taken out of their home as a safety measure.”

Poteet also stated that the four children will be able to stay together for the time being with a family in Sumner County.

Poteet isn’t allowed to say too much because of privacy laws regarding the children. When asked about the whereabouts of the parents though, he said, “I honestly don’t know. This was one of those situations where they weren’t taken from a home, they were at a storage unit, they were just discovered there.”

Live Love Nashville’s Taylor Rowe is also working hard to help raise money and gather donations for the four children. When she found out what had happened on Thursday night, she immediately started a fundraiser on her Facebook page.

“It happens every day around us, and I think that just making people aware of the situations that are happening right around us is half the battle because once people are aware, they do want to help,” said Rowe.

“You can throw any other thing that affects children, diseases or anything, add it all up, and it probably doesn’t add up to how many kids are in foster care, and that’s just the reality of it,” Poteet said.

While not much information is known about the children or their parents, investigators are still looking to find more answers.

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