French train driver leaves train with armored tanks at station

French driver leaves train with armored cars at station

A driver left his train at a station in the south of France and went home. He was found to have departed later than planned due to problems loading the train and stopped the train because his working time was up.

The freight train loaded with armored tanks from a regiment taking part in the military parade of July 14 in Paris, stopped unannounced at Libourne station, northeast of Bordeaux. The train was on its way to a marshalling yard in Bègles, where the journey to Paris would continue the next morning.

The French railway company SNCF was not aware of the action of the driver and called the police surprised about the stranded train in Libourne. To the great relief of the SNCF, a colleague was quickly available to continue driving the train and other trains were not bothered by the incident. It is not known whether the SNCF has reprimanded the driver.


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