Google Maps’ new features allow users to report more detailed incidents on the road


Google Maps is being upgraded to include a lot more functional features not unlike the navigation app, Waze. Google recently highlighted a range of new attributes that will enable users on iOS to mark places on their route where they have come across accidents, speed traps, or excessive traffic. Using Google Maps on Android will additionally allow users to report other noteworthy occurrences on the road, such as construction, closed lanes, broken down cars, or objects blocking the way. All of these qualities are key characteristics of Waze, which explains why a lot of people are more inclined to use Waze instead of Google Maps.

Accident, speed trap, and traffic reports have already been available with Google Maps on Android. Now though, the updated app comes with a bunch of new aspects. Speed limit and speed trap notifications have been available in over 40 countries since May this year. Google Maps also introduced the ability to add stops to your journey during navigation mode, as well as the option to see fuel prices in the user’s vicinity.

Whilst in navigation mode on Google Maps, a user simply has to tap to select from a wide range of reports, such as traffic collisions, traffic jams, construction, or other obstacles on their route.

Waze versus Maps

With all the additions to Google Maps, there are still benefits to use Waze. When it comes to structuring a trip, Waze can link to a user’s personal calendar or scheduled events on Facebook, and it also incorporates a carpooling service. Google Maps is more aimed towards assisting the user with their regular daily travels.

An increase in people moving over to Google Maps will result in more useful data to be utilized by other Google products. Data gathering is responsible for helpful aspects on Google Maps such as estimated waiting time, busy periods, and the working hours of local businesses.

According to Google, the updated options on Google Maps will be implemented worldwide on both iOS and Android this week.

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