Google offers gift cards to scan people’s faces


The tech giant Google is making advancing strides once again. The multi-billion dollar company has stupendous amounts of data collecting technologies which enables them to sell advertisements based on the online activities of users. Sometimes Google’s data gathering methods are explicit, but other times these activities are only announced in the fine-print of a painful terms and conditions agreement. Now Google is working on a new procedure where the company is paying people with a $5 gift card for a scan of their face.

Getting paid for your facial data

The initial release of this story came from ZDNet, when a friend of one of their writers encountered an unnamed employee of Google who offered them $5 for their facial data. The employee utilized a device hidden in a box to capture the images. The report suggests that the device could be the Pixel 4, and the facial data being gathered could be used to improve Google’s artificial intelligence.

The writer expressed that his friend had to sign a waiver before their face got scanned, and they were then given their gift card to the value of $5. It seems Google employees are scouting around in the streets “collecting data to improve the next generation of facial recognition phone unlocking” according to the report.

Another case of this took place recently with a Reddit user who spoke about encountering an unknown individual who offered them a $5 gift card for having their face scanned with an unidentified device.

It has been reported that the tech giant has been looking into a type of FaceID facial recognition system for quite awhile now, and it seems as if this software could be implemented in the Pixel 4.

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