Google pulls Huawei’s Android license, forcing it to use Open Source version

huawei google license

Google cancels Huawei’s Android license with immediate effect.

Google’s mother company Alphabet has discontinued parts of its business relations with network supplier Huawei. It also appears that Google is blocking Android updates for Huawei smartphones.

Google suspends the collaboration with Huawei after Trump has blacklisted the company.

Huawei, which also manufactures mobile phones, will therefore receive no longer any updates for the Android operating system. However, all programs with published source code (open source) are excluded from these measures.

Following the US government’s recent crackdown on Huawei, US giant Google has announced it will suspend some of its business relations with the Chinese network equipment supplier. Google complied with the decree of US President Donald Trump and examine how exactly this will affect the business relationship, the corporation said.

According to company sources, the transfer should be affected by both components and programs. Huawei will therefore receive no updates for the Android operating system. Excluded from the measures are all programs with published source code (open source).

By relying only on open source versions in the future this would prevent Huawei devices from accessing Google apps and services such as the Gmail email program. Huawei initially did not comment on Google’s announcement.

On Wedneyday US President Trump banned companies in his country from deciding to use telecommunications technology, which could be considered a national security risk for the United States. He called for a national emergency in telecommunications. Huawei is considered the main objective of this measure. The company criticized the “inappropriate restrictions”. The Ministry of Commerce in Beijing warned of a worsening of bilateral trade relations.

How independent is Huawei?

Huawei is one of the world’s largest telecommunications and network equipment suppliers. The Group’s technology also plays an important role in the development of 5G mobile networks, which in turn should pave the way for a number of key technologies such as networked factories or autonomous vehicles.

However, the US fears that Huawei technology may be a gateway for Chinese espionage and sabotage. Especially at the instigation of the USA, several countries recently classified the company as a potential threat to cybersecurity. In Germany too, controversy is being discussed about a possible participation of the Chinese company in the expansion of 5G networks.

Huawei itself repeatedly refers to his independence from the Chinese state. The action against Huawei takes place against the backdrop of the trade dispute between China and the United States.

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