Google will appeal against European AdSense competition fine

google adsense competition fine

Google has expressed its disagreement with the European Commission’s rulings, and appeals against the fine imposed for AdSense abuse.

Google has been part of a series of surveys since 2016.

This is where Margrethe focuses Verstager, Member of the European Commission in the field of competition, in the unfair competition that Google is waging with other companies.

The company received several fines from the European Commission; in total it has already received three fines since 2016.

In two previous cases, the search giant appealed against the fines, which is no different with the last fine.

In the British newspaper The Telegraph, you can read that Google will directly appeal the Commission’s decision.

In March, the European Commission reached the end of three years of investigations into Google.

Finally, the Commission has imposed a fine of  1.49 billion euros.

The company receives this fine because it would misuse its power to wipe out external parties.

For example, it was possible to place a Google search bar on your website, but until 2016 only if you agreed with the AdSense rules.

For example, companies must place a minimum number of AdSense ads on their websites and then specifically in the most profitable places.

It was also mandatory to receive permission from Google before advertisements for other services could be placed.

European Court of Justice on Google

Google is appealing because it is not in line with the Commission with the fine it has imposed, the fine is too high for the behavior according to the search giant.

In its ruling, the European Court of Justice will let you know whether the fine is justified and whether the fine is in line with previous cases.

No term is yet known in which the Court of Appeal will rule on the appeal.

In any case, there is still sufficient progress in the trial against Google, and it can also pay hefty fines.

For a case in which Google is abusing its power by providing its browser and search engine in Android, the American search giant has to invest 4.3 billion euros.

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