Google’s smart home device now has an on-board camera


Google will soon be set to launch its first smart home device with a built-in camera. Recently, Google subtly changed one of their support pages, disclosing that the 10 inch Nest Hub Max will be available on the 9th of September and it can be purchased for a reasonable $229. The page was originally stumbled upon by android tech news site, Droid Life.


The device is the initial release of Google’s Nest rebrand of their smart home series. In comparison with their last smart display, the Google Home Hub, the new Nest Hub Max comes with an on-board camera that can act as a security measure, and it also allows the user to make and receive video calls.

One of the biggest missing elements of the Home Hub was the built-in camera. This was a positive for some customers as they weren’t comfortable having a Google device with a camera sitting in their room. However, by rebranding the device and by repositioning the camera, the company might stand a better chance at persuading users that it would be beneficial to place a Google-connected camera around the house.

The Home Hub has so far been a popular product for Google. The convenient size and affordable price made it a suitable addition to the lounge or kitchen, as well as a great alternative to Amazon’s Echo Show.

A glimpse of things to come

A device like this isn’t much of an invasive addition to the home considering that most modern households already have laptops with webcams, smartphones, iPads, and smart TVs with built-in cameras. But this does paint an interesting picture of what the average home of the future might be like. As digital integration continues to grow, pretty soon our lives will always be infront of a camera of some kind, and we’ll be permanently connected to the web in one form or another.

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