Halloween: A busy time for body painters


Halloween is upon us once again, and for most of us, it’s just another holiday where we can embrace the mythical and creepy side of life. For others it means prime business as there is an inevitable rise in the sale of costumes, pranks, and makeup. But for some people, the spirit of Halloween lasts all year long.

21 year old Ellie (@ellie35x) from Edinburgh, Scotland, dedicates her time to being a pro body painter and has managed to successfully capitalize on the holiday.


“It’s one of my favourite times of the year,” says Ellie. “Halloween gets mad in the makeup world.”

The artist made a name for herself as an influencer on Instagram with a variety of horror themed designs. Starting off small, her profile began with Halloween creations before it turned into a full time venture for anytime of the year.

“I have always been artistic. I studied art and performance at school, and one Halloween I put it all into practice. Everyone was going to the Halloween disco as pretty things and I arrived as a horrible creepy clown. That was it really, everyone thought it was quite cool,” said Ellie.


Diverse market

The body painter applies her skills to numerous brands on Instagram, but she also makes herself available for certain events and people that are looking to transform into some kind of nightmarish creature. Movies also provide a lot of ideas for people who hope to employ Ellie’s talents.

“The cinema is always a good source of inspiration for people,” Ellie noted. “Pennywise from It and Maleficent are very popular this year. You do get different ones though. The other day I got asked to do a pretty version of Shrek.”


According to the artist, there has been a rise in Halloween interests all over the U.K thanks to U.S influencers on the internet.

“People want more from Halloween because of how they see it online,” says Ellie. “People see it as a chance to be daring and to transform yourself. Makeup is evolving so much. Everyone is going bigger and wilder and having more fun with Halloween, and that is partly because of what they see online.”

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