Hilarious gorilla selfie is anything but a “normal day at the office”

gorilla selfie

“Walk on, there is nothing to see here”, the mountain gorillas Ndakasi and Matabishi of the Congolese Virunga park seem to want to say. Both apes look like posing for a photo is the most normal thing in the world for them. Park ranger Mathieu Shamavu, who put the wonderful picture on Facebook, adds: “an ordinary day at the office.” But not everyone is convinced of the authenticity of the gorilla selfie.

Patrick Sadiki Sadiki

Patrick Sadiki Sadiki updated his cover photo.

Ndakasi and Matabishi were raised in Virunga National Park after poachers killed their mothers in the summer of 2007. When both orphans were found by members of the Elite Anti Poaching Units and Combat Trackers, they were barely two and four months old. Shortly thereafter they were transferred to the Senkwekwe reception center. The duo never left and they see the caregivers as their parents.

The imitation of their behavior, such as posing for a photo, is the result of that, the park management tells BBC News. “They imitate people by walking on two legs, that’s their way of learning to be ‘human’, “says Deputy Director Innocent Mburanumwe. Yet the hilarious photo is not something that happens everyday. Mburanumwe was also surprised, “Normally, this does not happen. That’s why it’s so very funny. ”

Patrick Sadiki Sadiki

Patrick Sadiki Sadiki updated his cover photo.

Not photoshopped

No matter how relaxed the two gorillas may stand on two legs, not everyone believes what he sees in the picture. “I am sure this has been photoshopped,” someone writes in the comments. “Not photoshopped” is the response of the page administrator. The upright standing gorillas, and with it the good work of the anti-poaching unit in the Virunga park, attract a lot of likes. The photo has been shared 20,000 times.

Virunga, which is 7,800 square kilometers in size, is on Unesco’s World Heritage List. It houses more than a third of the world’s mountain gorilla population. The park guards call for a donation to the national park, which has only been open to tourists since February. It was closed for nine months due to the unsafe situation in the region. Since 1996, more than 130 park guards have been killed by poachers or rebels.

The Elite AntiPoaching Units And Combat Trackers.


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