Homeless Tennessee teen graduates with $3M in scholarships

Tupac Moseley, a homeless seventeen year old from Tennessee, graduated with more than $3 million in college scholarships. He is also his Raleigh Egypt High School’s valedictorian as well.

From Memphis, Tennessee, Moseley graduated with a GPA of 4.3, and was accepted to a whopping number of 44 different colleges.

“Never let your current situation, whatever circumstances you’re going through, be a mountain that you can’t climb,” he said during his graduation speech in front of his classmates.

After his father’s death in April of 2017, things began to become more difficult for his family, Moseley said in an interview. The family was falling behind on bills, and their house was foreclosed nearly a year later in February. They had nowhere to go.

Moseley said in the interview that becoming homeless had changed everything for him. He began to realize how difficult it was to focus on school, college essays, and scholarship applications due to the situation.

“It affected my ability to write,” Moseley said. “I procrastinated a lot.”

Moseley says that he was able to finish school work and applications due to his positive and forward thinking mindset. He also credits the strong support from the school system that he received.

“The family I’ve bonded with at school has been my main motivator,” Moseley said.

“For the Kingdom”, a local organization, heard about Moseley’s predicament. They decided to step in and help out, giving Moseley and his family a cabin to stay and live in. Moseley said that he was able to fully focus on his school work again after this.

He was even unaware of the fact that he had received over three million dollars in college scholarships until the graduation ceremony which took place on Sunday.

“[I was] beyond astonished and shocked to hear that number,” he said.

Support from the school system

Shari Meeks, the principal for Raleigh Egypt High School, had nothing but good words to say for Moseley.

“He is brilliant and you wouldn’t even know he was going through everything he was going through,” Meeks said. “He is so resilient and handles everything with such poise and grace.”

Shelby County Schools Superintendent Dr. Joris M. Ray gave a similar statement.

“We are proud of the outstanding achievements and determination of our graduating Class of 2019. It takes a village. Against much adversity, students like Tupac Moseley triumph with the devout support of caring teachers, administrators and parents,” the statement read.

Moseley made sure to thank both staff and teachers for always believing in him and supporting him throughout his time at the high school.

Out of the 44 different offers from colleges and universities, Moseley had accepted the offer from Tennessee State University. He will be majoring in electrical engineering.

The university even recognized Moseley’s amazing achievements.

“Tupac Moseley is an extraordinary young man and we are extremely thrilled that he will attend Tennessee State University. Mr. Moseley has an incredible story of accomplishment at such a young age, being homeless and still able to graduate valedictorian of his class. We are excited to be a part of his educational journey, but most importantly his life’s journey as he continues to soar,” the university’s statement read.

Moseley says he’s excited to attend university, and wants everyone to know that they can accomplish their goals, no matter the circumstances.

“Your location is not your limitation. Anything that is a blockade is not something you can’t overcome.” he said.

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