Hong Kong government is prepared to fully withdraw the extradition bill


Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, is now planning on cancelling the contentious extradition bill that brought about an onslaught of protests. The bill which was presented in April, would have resulted in certain criminal suspects being extradited to mainland China. It was suspended 2 months ago after Lam deemed the bill was “dead”, although it was never officially withdrawn.

Complete discontinuation of the extradition bill is among the five major demands of the demonstrators, who are additionally insisting on democratic rights. Today Lam spoke of other actions that seemed to be aimed at cooling down the mayhem. An independent inquiry into the supposed police brutality towards demonstrators is one of the other primary requirement from the the activists. Lam stated that two senior officials will become part of an ongoing investigation into police behaviour amidst the protests.

Meeting the people’s needs

Leaked audio has Lam placing the blame upon herself for sparking the region’s political chaos. She said it’s unforgiveable of her to have created such abundant disarray. Hong Kong has now been enduring 14 consecutive weeks of protests. The latest clashes between activists and authorities took place this last weekend.

Lam said that the government will “formally withdraw the bill in order to fully allay public concerns”.

She expressed that the demonstrations have “shocked and saddened the Hong Kong people” and turmoil was “pushing Hong Kong towards a highly dangerous situation”.

“No matter what discontentment the people have towards the government or the society, violence is not the way to resolve problems,” said Lam. “Currently, stopping the violence is the top priority, maintaining the law and rebuilding the rules of society. The government will sternly tackle violence and illegal action.”

Lam intends to pay a visit to the communities in Hong Kong along with other senior officials, to directly interact with citizens regarding their concerns.

Lawmaker Regina Ip said that Lam’s most recent move is a step in the right direction.

“It won’t pacify everybody but hopefully it would clear remaining doubt in the minds of some of the peaceful protesters,” said Ip. “The protests have been driven by a multitude of reasons including deep-rooted anger about Hong Kong’s widening wealth gap, housing conditions, and political system. I am glad that the chief executive said that she would go to the district to enter direct dialogue with the people from all walks of life.”

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