Houston Spaceport makes progress with the completion of Phase 1


The notion that started just four years earlier has shown the first signs of becoming a reality, with a revolutionary ceremony on the 26th of June 2019 to commemorate the work done on Phase 1 of the Houston Spaceport at the Ellington Airport in Texas.

Representatives from the Houston City Council, the Houston Airport System, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the community and project associates were present to mark the start of the work being done on the development of 154 acres (62 hectares) in Phase 1.

In June of 2015, the FAA accepted the application for what now makes the 10th commercial spaceport licence in the United States. The activities of the new project include developing streets, providing water and wastewater management, establishing electrical power distribution facilities, running fiber optic cables, and constructing communications facilities required to draw future development.

A giant leap for mankind

“When complete, Phase 1 will provide the ground work to support the companies that produce the cutting-edge innovations needed to take commercial space travel and aviation into the sub-sonic, super-sonic, and hyper-sonic realm,” said the Houston Aviation Director, Mario Diaz.

Potential occupants and partners of Phase 1 of the Houston Spaceport project will be provided a distinctive environment to where they can cooperate as well as an operational platform to accomplish essential business goals. By hosting organizations from a multitude of various industries and skill sets all in the same area, the “innovation incubator” idea will encourage and hasten important aerospace engineering pursuits such as component and composite manufacturing and development, space vehicle construction, scientific and medical experiments conducted in zero-gravity environments, astronaut training, microsatellite deployment, and of course space tourism.

At some point, once the full 450 acres at Ellington Airport available to the project has been developed, the Houston Spaceport will be a significant attraction in the area for aerospace testing, experimentation, construction, and commercial space operations.

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