How to stop phone addiction: Say YES to digital wellbeing

how to stop phone addiction

We all use our smartphones more and more often.

Just look around you in the bus, train or subway – almost everyone looks down at his or her smartphone.

It’s time to stop that, apps about digital wellbeing in Android and iOS help with that.

Smartphones were once developed to make our lives easier. In the meantime, it does not always make our lives easier, but more difficult. See for yourself how many hours a day your smartphone is on, you will probably be shocked. In the meantime, smartphones can even have a (negative) impact on our social contacts. No matter how often you contact friends via social media, it’s never like making a call or just visiting. Are you for more social contact in the form that you see each other, then the applications around digital well-being in Android and iOS are a perfect solution. In a few clicks you can view your current usage, but you can often also set a limit for the daily use of the apps.

Step 1 – Digital Wellbeing on Android

In May 2018, Google announced that it would add Digital Wellbeing to its smartphones. That is now also the case, all Google Pixel smartphones have a Digital Wellbeing app. This also applies to all new Huawei phones with Android Pie, as well as the Nokia smartphones with Android One and Samsung smartphones with Android 9.0 Pie (One UI). If that is the case, then you can easily improve your digital well-being with these smartphones. To do this, navigate to the settings menu and open the Digital Wellbeing tab. From there you can quickly see your current usage per day, divided per application. Furthermore, it is possible to set a time limit per app, or a limit for daily screen use. This way you can prevent you from being glued to your phone the whole day.

Step 2 – No Digital Wellbeing app?

Digital Wellbeing is certainly not available for every Android smartphone. The ActionDash developer has cleverly responded to this. With his application you can also keep track of your app usage. Just like the built-in function, ActionDash can keep track of how often you use an app on a daily and weekly basis. Also let it know if you usually use an app for a few minutes, or for a much longer time. You can also see how often you have opened an app in recent hours and how many notifications you have received per specific app. At ActionDash you will have to take action yourself, since the app cannot impose any blockages for using the applications on your phone.

Step 3 – Screen Time on iOS

If you have an iPhone with iOS 12 or higher, you can use the Screen Time function of the operating system with a few clicks. On many points it works similar to the Digital Wellbeing functions in Android, but it lives on under a different name. With this function you can set times when you should not use the phone to shorten your time on a smartphone. This is also possible per application, or for all applications at once; of course you can also set apps that you can always open. By the way, you can still access your applications: these are closed with a pin code after the time limit. Digital Wellbeing applications should therefore be seen primarily as an extra stick behind the door …

Step 4 – Instagram ‘Your Activity’

If you see in your ‘favorite’ social networks how long you spend daily and weekly in their apps, then Facebook and Instagram now also have their own ‘Digital Wellbeing functions’. At Facebook they go through life as ‘Your Time on Facebook’, while Instagram makes a mention of ‘Your Activity’. Within both apps you can set a daily limit of which you will receive a notification as soon as you reach this. If you no longer want to be disturbed with notifications when your time is up, you can also set that via the menu.

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