Hysterically screaming neighbor turns out to be a very happy man who finally finished SNES game


A worried man called yesterday the the police in Gent (Belgium) because his neighbor was hysterical.

But on arrival the officers found that the man was not doing anything wrong.

He had just finished a computer game after more than a year.

“My neighbor is hysterical and is shouting loudly in the street,” said the neighbar last night.

Moreover, he had heard noise from his home.

The neighbor called the police with concern, who came promptly to take a look.

But nothing was what it seemed, according to the hilarious report from the police on Facebook:

“The neighbor opens his door in a euphoric mood. Happiness radiates from him. He shows our officers in the living room how, after a full year and a few months, he was finally able to fully play a game on an outdated Nintendo console, called Super Ghost (officially called Super Ghouls’ n Ghosts, ed.). He has never succeeded in this. The man could finally free his princess and embrace it. The person concerned becomes slightly emotional when he talks about his successful performance. He admits to having walked outside, to have screamed some shouts of joy in public and to have thrown two living room chairs upon entering. All this out of joy. He was going to treat himself to a nice meal tonight, according to him he deserved not to have to cook himself. Life can be beautiful if everything falls into place … ”

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