IBM is creating a 53 qubit computer


International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation is making progress with its quantum computer endeavours. It just announced the upcoming 53 qubit quantum computer which clients of the IBM Q Network will be able to access. The system is set to launch next month.

IBM’s aspirations

The quantum device is going to be a part of IBM’s Quantum Computation Center located in the state of New York. The center will host five 20 qubit computers, a number which they plan to grow to nearly 15 by next month.

According to IBM, the 53 qubit machine will create numerous advanced abilities that will allow the firm to setup bigger, more stable systems for cloud-based operations. It presents more concise technology for better scaling and less errors. Where a regular bit is defined as either a one or a zero, a qubit (quantum bit) can be defined as a one, a zero, or both at the same time.

“Our global momentum has been extraordinary since we put the very first quantum computer on the cloud in 2016, with the goal of moving quantum computing beyond isolated lab experiments that only a handful organizations could do, into the hands of tens of thousands of users,” says the Director of IBM Research, Dario Gil. “The single goal of this passionate community is to achieve what we call Quantum Advantage, producing powerful quantum systems that can ultimately solve real problems facing our clients that are not viable using today’s classical methods alone, and by making even more IBM Quantum systems available we believe that goal is achievable.”

IBM taking it upon themselves to push forward with quantum computation suggests just how committed the firm is in regards to their quantum ambitions. IBM’s quantum project currently supports 80 partnerships with academic organizations, research labs, and commercial clientele, some of which have already begun to utilize the available computers to solve current challenges.

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