Italian woman bakes cake and accidentally burns 40,000 Euros

That was a very expensive cake: A woman in Italy wanted to bake – and accidentally burned 40,000 euros in the oven.

The whole story: The 40-year-old Italian Alberto V. is currently facing court in Padua, because he allegedly evaded several millions in taxes. This is reported by the Italian newspaper “Republica“.

His fiancée Silvia M. is also charged in connection with his crimes. During the investigation, the police overheard a telephone conversation of the woman, in which she confessed to her sister to have accidentally burned 40,000 euros.

Not the first time of being charged

Alberto V. had the sum previously hidden in the oven, so that the police would not find the money in a possible house search. He didn’t tell his fiancée about this though – a mistake he now has to pay dearly.

It’s very bitter for the couple: not only is the money gone, the police also see the incident as proof that the man kept large amounts of his assets at home to keep it secret from the state and thus pay less taxes.

For the entrepreneur, it is not the first time that he is in court. In 2017 he was suspected of the same offense, but was acquitted.

In May 2018, the police arrested Alberto V. again. A money trail led the officers to a penthouse apartment in Jesolo near Venice.

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