Kathryn Dennis is troubled by Thomas Ravenel’s arrest


For Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel from Southern Charm it’s been a long and gruelling process working through their relationship and custody battle recently. Both sides of the story have a lot of explaining to do to show they’re fit for parenting despite the rough past they both supress.

Back in 2016, Dennis failed a drug test and ended up in rehab. She lost custody of their children, Kensington and St. Julien. However now Dennis claims she’s free from drugs and has earned back equal custody claiming she “made mistakes and wanted to be held accountable.”

In a twist of events, late last year sexual allegations were brought up from two women against the Southern Charm star Ravenel, who’s also a politician. This resulted in an arrest and charge for assault and battery in the second degree, after which came an announcement that Ravenel would no longer appear on Southern Charm.

Since then, the two TV stars have been in an all-out court war mainly fighting for custody of their children. Accusations, claims and allegations are being thrown left, right and centre as Dennis and Ravenel attempt to lower the image of one another in hopes to gain custody. Ravenel says the Bravo network intends to showcase the custody battle as a storyline on the show, so he requested a hearing against it.

Ravenel has denied all wrongdoing in the situation and instead accused Dennis of returning to alcohol and drug abuse, additionally claiming she purchased the drugs from other crew members of the Southern Charm TV show.

In return fire, Dennis claims Ravenel hasn’t changed from the man he was during his sexual assault scandals and that he’s the only one of the two who abuses prescription drugs now. Dennis also suggests that Ravenel hired a private investigator to focus on her even though she had a restraining order, and bribed a sexual assault victim in exchange for her silence. Dennis already organized the restraining order from a previous incident with a hit and run accident involving Ravenel.

With all this is going on, Dennis had quickly dated Joe Abruzzo after leaving Ravenel. Now she’s moved on to dating America’s Got Talent contestant Hunter Price, despite her statement; “I am able to be myself and not be attached to anyone else and referenced as someone’s girlfriend … Finally getting back to myself.”

Dennis says she’s mostly worried about the children. She knows she will have to explain their father’s arrest at some point in their lives. “How am I going to explain to them that their dad is being charged with sexual assault?” She says. “It’s f****** hard.”

At this point, the court case is still progressing and we are yet to find out whether TV star and model Kathryn Dennis, or politician and TV star Thomas Ravenel, will gain primary custody of their children.

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