Kencko’s innovative idea to help consumers eat healthier


The company Kenko – that recently announced its near $3.5 million seed round for R&D – aims to improve the way people think about their own health. The firm develops plant-based products that make it easier for people to eat healthier without the inconvenience of lengthy meal preparations.

Their first product is a fruit drink, but the difference is that unlike general pressed juice, the pulp that contains all the vitamins and minerals is flash-frozen and slow dried and it comes in a convenient 20g sachet that only needs to be mixed with water or of course, the juice itself – giving people the option of having the pulp or not. The sachet supposedly possesses two out of the five recommended fruits and vegetables we’re meant to eat each day.

Kencko – which is Japanese for “health” – currently has six different flavour choices for the fruit drink. Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tomás Froer said that the plan is to include an additional six new options by the end of the year. Two new products are also expected to release soon; much like the fruit drinks, they’re made entirely from organic fruit and vegetables, again making it easier and tastier for people to improve their health.

The company’s current market is the United States and Canada, although their products are available globally. Consumers can purchase the fruit drink on a $16 three day trial package, the 20 sachets for $60 deal, or the 60 sachets for $150 pack.

Where it all began

Froes went vegan after being diagnosed with acute gastritis. A doctor told him that he’d have to rely on a large variety of pills for the rest of his life, but instead, two years ago he fought his condition and won with a diet primarily consisting (90 percent) of fruits and vegetables – which inspired him to start the company.

“There is demand for more transparency and knowledge on ingredients,” explained Froes. “The past few years have sparked a completely new revolution around food.”

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