Machu Picchu claims first place on the list of best tourist attractions


The top independent cruise retailer in the United Kingdom, ROL Cruise, did a survey which collated 25 of the most popular tourist destination around the world, and concluded that Machu Picchu took the number one spot.

The group weighed up a variety of elements to decide what the best destination would be. They looked at the mean review scores on Google and TripAdvisor, how many hours each spot was open for operation each week, the cost to enter each destination, how popular they were on Instagram, and their standing as UNESCO Heritage sites.

All things considered, Machu Picchu came out on the top of the pile as the best tourist attraction worldwide. With almost flawless online reviews, no entry costs, and around the clock operating hours, there’s no wonder it scored first place.

Top 25 attractions

  1. Machu Picchu
  2. Niagara Falls
  3. Christ the Redeemer
  4. Golden Gate Bridge
  5. Victoria Falls
  6. Mendenhall Glacier
  7. Gardens by the Bay
  8. St Peters Basilica
  9. Angkor Wat
  10. Colosseum
  11. Petra
  12. Eiffel Tower
  13. Burj Khalifa
  14. Great Wall of China
  15. Taj Mahal
  16. La Sagrada Familia
  17. Walt Disney World
  18. Statue of Liberty
  19. Port Lockroy Post Office
  20. Sydney Opera House
  21. Acropolis of Athens
  22. Savior on the Spilled Blood
  23. Pyramids of Giza
  24. London Eye
  25. Robben Island Museum

The Managing Director of ROL Cruise, Sarah Wikevand, said, “Interestingly, the better performing attractions were predominantly natural, historic, or architectural attractions. We believe these scored better as many of them can’t be regulated, and as such, benefit from free or low entry price. This also means some of the attractions don’t have enforced opening hours, allowing round-the-clock access. Contrary to this, the more commercialized attractions, even those with a natural, historic, or cultural importance, were lower in the rankings due to higher entry prices or limited opening hours. It could be suggested that online reviews fell slightly short as a result of these factors and the visitors’ perceived expectations not being met.”

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