Man arrested in Tennessee believed to be linked to Orlando shooting

A man believed to be involved in an Orlando shooting outside of a nightclub earlier this year has been arrested in Tennessee. Ongoing investigations have been going on, and it’s lead investigators to Notier Misael Gomez.

Gomez is believed to be tied to the shooting of Keveon Smith, the 22 year old who was killed outside of Club LIT in Orlando. The shooting happened on January 26th at around 2:15 in the morning.

Back in February, surveillance images were released by the Orlando Police Department in hopes of finding the criminals who shot and killed the young man. The images included three men who have all been identified as suspects in this case.

“The indictment alleges that Gomez, along with two other men, fired shots at Keveon Smith, resulting in his death.” Deputy U.S. Marshal Robin Romaniuk said.

A family friend who happens to be a pastor was thankful to hear the news.

“I was overjoyed to say the least to get word and for it to happen on Good Friday, what a blessing it was.” said James Morris, the pastor.

He hopes that with the arrest of Gomez, others will be encouraged to come forward with any information that they have about the case.

“When people see that their efforts can lead to catching these people, I think a lot more people will begin to talk.”

Gomez was arrested and taken to the Rutherford County Jail. He is currently awaiting to be extradited to the Orange County Jail in Florida. He’s being charged with first-degree murder with a firearm and attempted first-degree murder with a firearm.

The public still doesn’t know if the other two men have been found or even identified yet.

Details of the Orlando shooting

The shooting at Club LIT took place on January 26th at around 2:15am. The club is located on North Orange Avenue near East Livingston Street. It happened following an altercation that happened in a parking lot on Magnolia Avenue.

Surveillance footage released by the Orlando Police Department show Smith talking to two men before being suddenly punched by a different man from behind. He runs away, the three suspect chasing after him. One of the men took shots at Smith, and that man is believed to be Gomez.

Two different vehicles have been marked and identified, a black Volkswagen Passat, and a black or dark blue Chevrolet Silverado.

“There were two additional gunshot victims at the scene. One man was grazed by a bullet and released from the scene; another victim was shot in the neck and was transported to the hospital, where he was able to be released the following day.” said Romaniuk.

Smith unfortunately did not survive the wounds he sustained. After he was found, he was taken to a hospital where he was soon pronounced dead.

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