Man brutally beats ex in her home

A Nashville man is currently facing several charges after forcing his was into his ex-girlfriend’s home and beating her. Since she had an order of protection against him, he’s facing violation of an order of protection and several charges of aggravated assault.

The incident occurred in late January, but Rayquan Markell Lyons was just arrested this Friday.

On Sunday, January 27th, nursing staff called the police with reports that a woman had arrived at the hospital with obvious signs of injury sustained from her ex-boyfriend. Officers arrived at Nashville General Hospital where investigators spoke with the victim. They said she had obvious swelling and redness to her left eye, nose, and forehead.

Investigators reported that she also had bruises on the back of her right shoulder and a cut running along her right forearm.

The victim’s report

The victim had told investigators that she was at Paul’s Market on Jefferson Street at around midnight. She was then approached by Lyons, her ex-boyfriend, whom she has an order of protection against.

She reported that Lyons was insistent on her coming home with him. After she repeatedly denied and refused, an argument broke out between the two.

The victim then left the scene and returned back to her home on Jackson Street. Not very long later, she heard a knock at her front door. The victim’s cousin was present at her house at the time, and they were the one to open the door.

Lyons was standing there when they opened the door, and he immediately pushed past and into the house. He went upstairs to the victim’s bedroom.

Again, another argument broke out between the two of them. The victim reported Lyons to have thrown a phone at her, and then he began to smack, kick, and punch her. He then kicked her to the ground which prompted her to yell for her cousin to call the police.

While she was trying to escape, the victim fell down the stairs. She attempted to get to the kitchen, then Lyons took a small pistol from his waist band and pointed it at her.

While Lyons was holding the pistol, the victim reported that he was threatening her.

“I’m gonna pop you, [expletive]” he said to her. The victim then tried to hide from him behind the refrigerator. He put the pistol back into his waist band, and then proceeded to beat her again.

She was able to break free from his grip and beatings by biting his shoulder. She then ran out the back door to escape him.

The victim made her way to the hospital after the situation went down, and that’s when police were called and arrived on the scene.

Lyons is being charged with especially aggravated robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and for violation of an order of protection.

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