Man gets stuck in a cave for four days after searching for bat excrement


Cambodian 28 year old, Sum Bora, was saved earlier this week after four days of being stuck in a cave. On Sunday, the man got trapped whilst on a hunt to gather bat droppings; he fell between two rocks in an attempt to recover his torch, according to Battambang police.

Bora didn’t bring any food or water with him on his venture. He was found hungry and dehydrated on Tuesday after his family started searching for him. He was removed from the rocks after a 10 hour process with the help of roughly 200 rescuers. He’s currently being cared for at a local hospital.

“I had lost hope of staying alive and if I had a knife with me, I’d have committed suicide,” said Bora, according to Khmer Times newspaper.

Why risk your life for bat poop?

The bat droppings (guano) can be utilized to produce fertilizer and it’s a fruitful material in Cambodia, one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia.

Bora was confined in the cave near Chakrai Mountain and was found by his friend who frequently went with him gather the guano.

“We’re both small-built and can easily fit into narrow passages, so my friend was able to crawl through another passage to reach me inside the cave,” said Bora.

At first, when the rescuers got there, they weren’t able to retrieve Bora from his predicament as the cave entrance wasn’t wide enough. An advanced rescue team came by helicopter to aid with procedure, and Bora was finally rescued on Wednesday after sections of the cave were demolished to make enough room.

Bora’s wife, Koeun Sothea, made a statement in which she says that her husband was being treated for knee, chest, and head wounds.

She also expressed her gratitude to the Cambodian Prime Minister, Hun Sen, for dispatching the rescue team and for contributing $2,500 to Bora and his family.

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