Man makes embarrassing discovery when he meets parents-in-law

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Dating is a minefield.

Tell that to the Briton who told his story on the social networking site Reddit in  the ‘Today I F*****d Up (TIFU)’ section on Monday.

The 21-year-old man lives in a small village with only three cafes.

So naturally one often comes across the same people.

A few months ago he met a woman who seemed much older than him.

She was in her forties, but she looked good, and he thought maybe he could learn something from her.

They spent the night at her house together, but they parted ways after that and didn’t talk to each other again.

The man recently met another 19-year-old girl on Tinder and they hit it off right away.

After a couple of dates she wanted to introduce him to her parents and invited him to her house.

“As I walk down the street, I notice it’s the same one as my previous bonk. My heart sank when I watched this lovely girl turn to face me, say “This is me!” while gesturing to the same door that I went through for a cheap one night stand,” he said.

He decided that he need to tell her the truth that he slept with her mom.

“She was shocked. Very shocked when she realised that I wasn’t joking when I got her Mum’s name right,” he said.

Fortunately, she understood the situation.

They decided not to see each other anymore, even though he really liked her.

“I really liked her. That is rare for me, so this is a great pity,” he said.


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