Many Facebook moderators are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder

facebook moderators ptsd

The people who have to review messages on Facebook say, among other things, that they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD).

According to research by The Verge at Cognizant, an American company that provides moderation services to Facebook. Three moderators talk about “extreme working conditions”.

The article cites, among other things, an employee who would have had a heart attack due to an enormous workload. He died during his service. Managers kept the incident under control, colleagues think. “They told people that nothing was wrong,” one of them says. “I think they were worried that employees would resign because of the emotional impact.”

Facebook moderators in America would earn an average of around 28,800 dollars (around 25,700 euros) per year. They get two 15-minute breaks per day and a half-hour lunch break. They can also take nine minutes of ‘wellness time’ if they are overwhelmed by the emotional toll that the work takes.

Because the employees often see very intense images, according to The Verge they are in many cases diagnosed with PTSD and related disorders. For example, employees must view violence against animals or child pornography to be able to review messages.

Bed bugs and sexual harassment in the workplace

In the office floor in the city of Phoenix, people would have been sent home recently after an outbreak of bed bugs was discovered. It would have been the second outbreak of this year.

In addition, situations of sexual harassment and aggressiveness would often occur in offices. According to sources from The Verge, these things are often laughed at or ignored.

In a statement, Facebook says it is working with partners to offer the employees of companies the right compensation. “And if circumstances dictate, we ensure that management takes action.”

Cognizant says to strive for “a safe workplace”. The company said “act professionally when solving problems. Cognizant works hard to provide a safe, clean and stimulating workplace for all employees.”

At the end of 2018 Facebook was also under fire due to poor working conditions of moderators. Employees said they were under pressure at the time because they sometimes had to review a thousand messages a day. It would be so tiring that many people only lasted for a few months.

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