MCS says fish stocks that aren’t maintaining should be avoided


The British population is being encouraged to avoid North Sea cod as well as wild Atlantic salmon in an effort to decrease the strain on dwindling stocks. The latest Good Fish Guide from the Marine Conservation Society (MSC) is set to be published this week. It includes which marine cuisine is currently the most sustainable and which fish species are at risk in the United Kingdom.

Although the North Sea cod has received a red rating, putting it back on the list of fish that shouldn’t be bought, seabass taken from U.K waters have made it off the avoidance list as stocks recuperated.

The Brexit situation means that noticeable changes to the management of fisheries in the United Kingdom are likely to occur, as Britain will take on more responsibility for regulating its stocks. The Good Fish Guide says, “it is more important than ever for consumers to pay close attention to how our U.K fisheries and fish farms are doing, and to support sustainable U.K seafood”.

If you must eat fish

MCS Good Fish Guide manager, Charlotte Coombes, says, “U.K-caught or farmed seafood can be a great sustainable option when done right, but it is vital that people take note of what species they’re buying, where it was caught or farmed, and how. MCS’s Good Fish Guide looks at all of these key aspects, as well as wider environmental impacts and how well-regulated the farms and fisheries are. Whatever the future of the U.K’s relationship with the EU, shopping for sustainable U.K seafood will help to support sustainable U.K fishers and fish farmers and reduce the pressure on at-risk species.”

If you’re insistent on having cod for dinner, try to keep an eye out for fish caught in Iceland or the north-east Arctic. European eel is another seriously endangered species as a result of overfishing, environmental changes, and pollution.

The MCS also warns that Atlantic salmon should be avoided as there are less than 30 percent of rivers in Scotland where salmon stocks are keeping up with conservation goals, and none in England or Wales.

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