Measles case causes state to contact 600 people

The latest news on the man from East Tennessee with the first case of measles continues to develop.

As of last week, two other people had been reported to have contracted measles. These two people weren’t just others who passed through the areas that the man was in though. These two new cases were people who were close to the man.

Department of Health in Tennessee has been urging people to be attentive with their measles shots. They’re recommending that all those who are unvaccinated get the shot as quickly as possible to prevent further infections.

Currently, the Department of Health in Tennessee has contacted over 600 people regarding the measles case. Out of the 600 contacted, all of these people were at risk of coming into contact with the man with the first case.

The Department of Health is even offering vaccines to all those that they contact if they’re unsure whether or not they’ve been vaccinated.

As of now, there’s been a total of four additional measles cases on top of the two that were already caused by the initial case. All four cases are linked back to this original one.

The Nationwide outbreak continues to spread, over 700 people in 22 different states are now infected with the disease.

Symptoms of measles can develop within 21 days of first contact, which is why the Department of Health is keeping such a close eye on people who have possibly been in contact with it.

It can be stopped before it begins though. That’s the main reason behind offering vaccines to people who aren’t vaccinated. If someone receives a vaccination before showing signs of infection, then they may be able to stop the disease before it begins fully.

Details of the measles outbreak in 2019

Health officials across the U.S. are saying that all Americans should get their measles vaccination in order to avoid contracting the disease.

As stated previously, there has already been over 700 cases in 2019 alone, and the numbers are only continuing to rise. The number is most likely to continue to rise, eventually breaking the all time high of 963 cases in 1994.

The CDC says that 44 people who caught the disease were traveling in another country and brought it back with them. These are what caused the U.S. outbreaks among unvaccinated people. There’s a large amount of people living in New York City at the moment who’ve contracted the virus.

If you or someone you know believes that you may have come into contact with measles, make sure that you’ve been vaccinated. If you haven’t been vaccinated, it’s highly recommended that you get your shots as soon as possible to avoid any threats.

Measles had all but been completely wiped out from the U.S. back in 2000, but with the amount of international travelers, the disease is thriving once again. The only way to prevent against the disease is to get vaccinated.

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