Measles patient passed through Chattanooga and Clinton

Finally, the public has received more information on the East Tennessee man with measles. Since the case was first announced, the state of Tennessee had no more information to give besides the fact that the person had measles. Today, we learn of more info on the man with measles.

Earlier this week, the Department of Health in Mississippi announced that the East Tennessee man travelled through the area recently. While more information was good for the public, most were in an uproar. This is because of the fact that the state of Tennessee itself would not release any more information on the man, but another state would.

As of today, there has been a bit more info released on the man.

Tennessee’s Department of Health revealed today that the man in East Tennessee visited two other cities in the state. On April 11th, he visited a convenience store in Chattanooga between 7:30 and 10pm. The next day, April 12th, he visited another convenience store in Clinton from 5:30 to 8pm.

People who visited these two locations could’ve possibly been exposed to the disease. Health officials are asking everyone that could’ve visited these areas during that time to check their vaccination status. If unvaccinated, it’s highly recommended that people should contact their health-care provider and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

More infections?

Though measles is a disease that can be airborne, there’s no more need to worry about visiting the two locations mentioned above. The virus can only live in an airspace or on surfaces for up to two hours, so more than enough time has passed for the air to settle.

Dr. Tim Jones, the Tennessee Department of Health State Epidemiologist said that people have “absolutely nothing to worry about” when it comes to traveling through these two areas. As just stated above, the air has settled and there is no longer a risk posed at these locations.

While there isn’t any more risk of contracting measles at these two convenience stores, it’s still possible that people may have come in contact with it on the 11th and 12th of this month. To combat this, health officials are being “very, very aggressive” in attempts to track those people down. If anyone who was exposed is found within 72 hours, they can possibly prevent getting infected.

Health officials say that giving the people who came in contact the measles-mumps-rubella combo vaccine can help protect them from the disease. There’s only a three day window though, anything after that may not work and most likely won’t.

Symptoms of measles can be different for everyone which is why it’s so difficult to track people down. If you believe you could’ve been exposed to measles in these areas or anywhere else, make sure your records are up to date and you’ve been vaccinated. If not, you should contact your doctor to receive the shot as soon as possible.

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