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At the beginning of June, US President Donald Trump is going to visit to Britain, where he will visit the royal family at Buckingham Palace. Meghan Markle will not be present. She thanked him kindly for the meeting according to the international press.

The British Queen Elizabeth II has organized a three-day state visit for Donald Trump, his wife Melania and their children. His schedule includes a visit to exhibitions, a tour of London’s attractions and a lunch followed by a cup of tea with Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry. Meghan Markle, who gave birth to son Archie on 6 May, will not be present.

In the past, even before she was officially part of the royal family, Markle fiercely opposed Donald Trump. In a television interview in 2016, she called his politics “woman-unfriendly” and “polarizing”. It is not known whether the Duchess of Sussex rejects the meeting because she is currently on maternity leave or because of personal convictions. But she will certainly not be visible in the photos of the royal gathering.

What Meghan Markle thinks of Donald Trump – archive video

In a 2016 interview on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, Meghan Markle made it known that she was not a fan of Donald Trump’s candidacy. She said Trump was ‘misogynistic and divisive’ and indicated her support for Hillary Clinton.

On June 8 the world will probably see the new mommy on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Then the annual Trooping The Color parade takes place, in honor of the Queen who celebrated her 93rd birthday on April 21.

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