Miami International Airport’s new luggage screening system revealed


Miami-Dade County along with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently unveiled Miami International Airport’s (MIA) brand new autonomous luggage assessment system. This new technology may have cost over $300 million to establish, but as a result, the speed of luggage screening and delivery has improved by 100 percent.

“This innovative system is a huge step forward in MIA’s overall capital improvement program to modernize and streamline all phases of passenger and cargo service,” says the Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Carlos A. Gimenez. “Installation of this new technology paves the way for quicker, smoother baggage delivery for our passengers, as well as more efficient operations for current and prospective airline partners.”

The advanced system boasts conveyor belts spanning a distance of nine miles (14.5 km) and a dozen of the latest CTX 9800 bomb discovery systems. The process also has more than a hundred mobile inspection tables within an 18,000 square foot (1672 square meter) zone dedicated to reuniting travellers with their luggage, which happens to be one of the biggest airport installations of automated guided vehicle technology around the globe.

Mobile inspection tables will automatically acquire baggage that needs extra screening before transferring it to over 50 TSA assessment posts using a directed floor track. This removes unnecessary physical labour for TSA authorities, advances tracking efficiency, decreases excess noise, and improves the speed of the entire luggage screening procedure.

“The efficiency of MIA’s new system allows us to perform state-of-the-art screening to keep its ever-growing population of passengers and the broader aviation system safe every day,” said Federal Security Director at TSA, Daniel Ronan.

Luggage screening system of the future

Initial operations began in July. The new site can assess and deliver over 7,000 bags every hour. 18 airlines are putting the system to use, with another 30 expected to adopt it as well within the next eight months. MIA’s have formed a $5 billion capital improvement strategy to support the anticipated 77 million travellers and several tons of freight over the next 20 years.

“We are proud to partner with the TSA on this cutting-edge facility, which is one of many enhancements coming soon as part of our airport-wide renovation and expansion,” said Lester Sola, MIA Director and Chief Executive Officer. “Improvements like the new baggage handling system will help MIA maintain its position as the busiest airport in Florida for international passengers.”

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