Microsoft’s Presenter Coach to aid you with PowerPoint presentations


Some people are born with a natural flair for presentations, while others are simply terrified by the idea of giving a speech. Rather than looking to the unprofessional and perhaps even biased advice of a friend or family member, Microsoft offers a more convenient solution. In an update scheduled for next summer, PowerPoint will gain Presenter Coach which can deliver feedback on your presentation abilities.

The new addition utilizes artificial intelligence to assess your presentation and calculate what points need improving. With the use of the PC’s microphone, the assistant can process what you say and offer useful tips on how to better the presentation.

The Presenter Coach features

A small box shows up on the bottom right to take you to rehearsal mode when your first draft is ready. It will constantly provide data on the pacing of your presentation so you can alter it as you go along and the audience will hopefully better understand your message. Swearing and sensitive words are marked with suggested alternatives, and pauses and filler words are also noted so you can work on improving every bit of your presentation’s quality. There is even a warning feature to remind you not to read straight from the slides.

A “Rehearsal Report” is created upon completion of the presentation, which shows how much time you spent, the number of slides you read as well as a WPM (words per minute) measurement, and other helpful tools for improvement.

AI analysis tools such as this are not a new development but the question is, just how effective could it be? Assessing rate of speech, punctuation, and even word count is undoubtedly helpful, but AI can’t yet account for things such as humour, sarcasm, or the energy that is carried in a speaker’s voice.

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