Missing teen girls in Tennessee

Two missing seventeen year old girls are still being searched for as investigations continue on their disappearance. Both girls have gone missing in southern Middle Tennessee.

Just a week ago, the second seventeen year old girl went missing in Middle Tennessee. The Columbia Police Department is continuing their search for the missing girl.

Abigail Wisner, 17, was last seen by her mother last Monday. She was wearing a pink shirt, black pants, and had a pink backpack.

A statement released by the local police department says that the missing teen has brown hair, hazel eyes, and weighs around 170 pounds.

Local officers are continuing to search for the girl, and another girl who went missing earlier this year.

The first disappearance

Ashley Clanton is the first girl to have gone missing prior to Wisner. She was reported missing in Lawrence County on January 16th.

Clanton is also a seventeen year old girl. Police statements described her as Caucasian with brown hair and blue eyes. She was also described as being five foot one, weighing around 125 pounds.

A while ago, the Columbia Police Department said that they believed the teen was somewhere in Maury County, nearby to Lawrence County. Since then though, there’s been no indication for weeks on Clanton’s location.

“We have no information to say where she may be,” said Lt. Jeremy Haywood regarding Clanton. “We have not got any leads or information to follow up on where she might be.”

Haywood also said that numerous tips have been called in on her location, saying that she’s been seen in Columbia, Giles County, and even in Alabama.

“She is still missing at this time.” said Haywood.

The National Center of Exploited and Missing Children have officially placed Clanton on a national list of missing children.

Anyone who has information on both Clanton and Wisner are asked to contact authorities immediately so that investigations can further. Police are hoping more information will come through so they can find both missing girls.

Missing children in Tennessee and the U.S.

Each year in Tennessee, there’s over seventy children that are reported missing. More than sixty percent of the seventy reported are girls. Currently, there are twelve children listed as missing by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Clanton does not appear on this list.

An estimate of 800,000 children are reported to be missing each year across the country. That averages out to 2,000 children each day to be missing.

Child Watch of America reports that of these 800,000 cases, 115 of them are stranger abductions, meaning they’ve been taken by someone they don’t know.

Anyone with information about the disappearance of any person is asked to report it to authorities. Even the smallest piece of guidance can help an investigation, so don’t hesitate to call in and provide investigators with additional information.

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