MIT creates a system for improved video streaming across multiple devices


The strength of your connection and the amount of users in your home play a big role in the quality of your video streaming. The battle for bandwidth can be quite annoying; no one wants to deal with pixelated movie streaming. Now though, a new method of managing bandwidth distribution over several devices is coming into play, which means smoother simultaneous streaming even when each of the devices are using the same connection and streaming the same video all at once.

MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab has designed a system called “Minerva”, which reduces performance dips and pixelation due to buffering and low-end streaming. This could vastly improve streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu that continue to serve numerous household members at the same time. The principle tech for this system could also be used in larger areas as well, reaching further than just households. Neighbourhoods or entire regions could benefit from the minimized effects of subpar streaming conditions.

How it works

Minerva accounts for the various requirements of different delivery devices that are streaming in a network, which means that a 4K television won’t be treated the same as an old smartphone that doesn’t even have high definition functionality. The type of content being viewed is also taken into account seeing as streaming a live sports broadcast needs much more bandwidth for high definition display than a cartoon or an animation does. Therefore, video is provided to users according to the actual requirements rather than just distributing bandwidth evenly across all devices regardless. Minerva also continues to maintain optimum delivery speeds relative to the changing needs of the ongoing streaming.

In practical applications, the system was capable of moving from 720p to 1080p up to 66 percent of the time as well as eliminating the need for rebuffing by nearly 50 percent, which makes a huge difference when it comes to uninterrupted video streaming.

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