“Moana 2” – Sequel with new Disney princess supposedly in work

moana 2

Since the latest confirmation for concrete plans for “Frozen 2” we know that Disney produces more and more sequels – that now seems to apply to “Moana” as well.

“Moana” even made a brighter start from a financial point of view than Disney’s box office hit “Frozen”, which also premiered on Thanksgiving weekend in 2013. With $ 1.3 billion in revenue, “Frozen” eventually became the most successful animated film of all time and is number 9 of all box office hit films ever.  Therefore, questioning whether there might be a “Moana” sequel is not unjustified.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is supposed to work on “Moana 2”

Page Six has learned from Luis Miranda, father of actor and musician Lin-Manuel Miranda (“Mary Poppins’s return”), that his son is working on a sequel to “Moana”. There is no official confirmation, so this statement can currently only be treated as a rumor.

“Moana 2” could introduce a new Disney princess

With “Moana” Disney broke new ground by presenting a Polynesian princess to the public for the first time. According to Luis Miranda, in “Moana 2” another premiere in the Disney universe awaits us. So for the first time a Latina-Disney-Princess will take on a bigger role. That would be welcome as a statement for more diversity, of course, but is currently no more than a rumor.

“Moana” launched in the US on November 23, 2016, and made an impressive $ 82 million over the first five days – including the opening weekend of Thanksgiving. Worldwide, the movie brought a net profit of about 643.331 million US dollars. The family comedy from Disney also landed at # 1 in the cinema charts and stayed there despite strong competition in the run-up to Christmas. From a financial point of view nothing speaks against a continuation.

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