More than 1,300 deaths from the Ebola outbreak in Congo

ebola outbreak congo

In eastern Congo, more than 2,000 people have been infected with Ebola in just ten months.

Meanwhile, the epidemic has already claimed 1,346 lives.

This is according to new figures published by the Congolese Ministry of Health on Monday evening.

According to the ministry, the fight against Ebola is going in the right direction, but not everyone is so optimistic.

The ministry reports, among other things, that the security situation has improved in the past month.

Helen Branswell, journalist for the specialized site STAT, points out on Twitter that there were several serious incidents in May.

A social worker died in one of them.

In addition, the Congolese authorities are right that the epidemic is limited to the two provinces of North Kivu and Ituri, and that large cities such as Goma on the border with Rwanda, Bunia or Kisangani are spared.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently warned that, partly due to the violence in eastern Congo, an extension to other provinces or neighboring countries, Uganda and Rwanda, cannot be excluded.

In its latest update, the Congolese ministry already states that less than half (44 percent) of the 911 cases that surfaced between January 1 and May 7 were registered as contacts of patients, which means that they were therefore not vaccinated.


The number of vaccinated people continues to rise to almost 130,000 people.

These vaccinations are needed: the International Rescue Committee pointed out on Monday that it took 224 days to reach 1,000 cases, while it took barely 71 days to reach the threshold of 2,000 cases, or triple the number of cases per day .

The insecurity and instability in eastern Congo make it particularly difficult to curb the epidemic.

In addition, the great commitment of care providers for Ebola has come to a misunderstanding – the population does not understand why it was not possible for other humanitarian disasters in the region.

They also see a maneuver by the regime to postpone the elections at the end of last year in a region that traditionally votes against Kabila.

The current epidemic is still the second heaviest ever, after the 2014-’15 outbreak in West Africa.

Back then more than 11,000 people died.

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