Mother slammed for taking her infant daughter on the hunt

rebekah stephens hunting

A 30-year-old woman from the American state of Ohio has received lots of criticism, now that it has become known that she has been taking her nine-month-old daughter with her while hunting.

According to Rebekah Stephens, the mother in question, little Isabella is sitting safely on her back as she shoots deer, turkeys, pheasants and rabbits in the woods with bow and arrow.

In American and British media Stephens has been under fire for a few days, but she just ignores all the negative attention around her person.

“Since I hunt with my daughter, I have been criticized. In my eyes I do nothing wrong. It is completely harmless and Isabella learns everything about nature, climate and the animal kingdom in this way and in the fresh air,” she responded to the tabloid The Sun.

Stephens has been hunting independently for 20 years and joined her parents on hunting trips from the age of seven.

For Rebekah, who gave birth to daughter Isabella in August 2018, hunting is “the most normal thing in the world.”

“As a little kid, I knew it simply as a way of putting food on the table; we didn’t buy beef, we always had deer meat. As I got older, I saw it as a way to escape the outside world and relax.”

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Rebekah Stephens, 30, from Ohio, adores hunting with her bow and arrow. The mother-of-one revealed how she often takes her nine-month-old daughter into the woods with her to kill the animals. #lifestyle

Recently she managed to keep quiet for five hours while she was hunting turkeys

The young mother is now portrayed on social media as “child abuser”.

Nonsense, she argues.

According to her Isabella knows how to behave during the hunt.

She is always very quiet and sweet when she is sitting on her back watching her pointing the arrow at an animal.

Recently little Isabella managed to keep her mouth shut for five hours while they were hunting turkeys.

She does not have the impression that she is traumatizing her daughter.

“Nobody in the family where I grew up is bothered by it.”

And she hopes that little Isabella will eventually go hunting with guns or bows herself.


“I hope that she loves to hunt and fish as I do; she already adores the outdoors. However, if she chooses not to hunt and fish, I will respect her decision.”

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Mum slammed for hunting wild animals with baby daughter strapped to her back Rebekah Stephens, 30, from Ohio, US, said she wants her daughter to appreciate the great outdoors A hunter mum has…

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30-year-old Rebekah Stephens from Ohio adores hunting with her bow and arrow and even takes her nine-month-old daughter Isabella on hunting expeditions #lifestyle


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