Nashville accommodation isn’t cheap according to recent survey


According to an evaluation done by that looked at 50 different cities, Nashville has the most pricey rooms. The average price for the cheapest double rooms in October (a month which typically has the most expensive rates in the United States) were calculated for each region. The survey only included hotels with a central location and a minimum rating of three stars.

With these conditions in place, the average cost for the cheapest available room in Nashville stood at $223 a night. Boston came in second place with an almost equally steep $221 a night. San Jose wasn’t too far behind either; it took third place with a cost of $214 per night for the most affordable room.

In 2016, one user posted on, “I’ve got a group of 12 that want to go to Nashville for a weekend in March. The hotels are exorbitant! They are as much as NY or more. Hilton Garden Inn is $379, Holiday Inn, $329. It’s crazy. I can’t find anything downtown or near VU (Vanderbilt University) for less than $300”.

Another user replied, “The hotels charge what the market will bear. March is typically a very busy month. Nashville is often host to college men’s or women’s basketball tournaments, for example, and hockey season is still in full swing. There are constant conventions. Nashville has been ranked by a number of publications and organizations as the top tourist destination in the U.S. Demand for rooms is high, and everyone wants to stay downtown in the heart of the action.”

On the other hand, more affordable accommodations include the likes of Las Vegas, Baltimore, San Antonio, and Fresno with prices ranging between $70 and $100 per night.

Top 10 most expensive hotels this month

  1. Nashville – $223
  2. Boston – $221
  3. San Jose – $214
  4. San Francisco – $209
  5. Albuquerque – $198
  6. New York City – $196
  7. Austin – $189
  8. Los Angeles – $186
  9. Dallas – $185
  10. Detroit – $185

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