Nashville music producer indicted on assault charges

Nashville music producer Baeho “Bobby” Shin has been indicted for multiple charges. This comes after a pair of arrests in just a few months relating to allegations that he had physically and sexually assaulted a woman several times.

Shin’s full charges include aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, domestic assault, theft of property and coercion of a witness.

On Shin’s website, it states that he owns The Liberty Studios, which is a music production site. He’s worked with numerous popular artists including Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton, Jason Mraz, and Jennifer Lopez.

Details on the arrest

Shin was booked on Monday when police were called to his home the night prior. An anonymous person reported that the victim sent word that she was being beaten by Shin.

When the police arrived on Sunday night, they reported that Shin was in the garage “attempting to force the victim into a vehicle”.

As soon as Shin was aware of the officers at his home, he quickly shut the garage door. He took the victim back inside with him, and officers reported seeing him pull her by her arms through the kitchen and up the stairs.

The officers at the scene could see broken glass on the floor of the kitchen and what could possibly be blood marks on the wall and air vent.

Police attempted to knock on the door to get Shin’s attention, but he ignored their attempts and did not come to the door. Officers then made an entry through the back door of his house. From there, they found Shin located in his living room with his hands already raised in the air.

He was immediately taken into custody after this.

Officers searched the house for the victim and then found her in an upstairs studio hidden inside a window seat bench. Police reported her to have “numerous bruises on her body and face, a knot on the back of her head and swelling around her right eye.”

The victim had reported to police that Shin had assaulted her over the course of several days. She also reported that he had “taken her head and put it in the toilet and tub (with water in it) multiple times causing a knot to the back of her head.”

Police revealed that an order of protection had already been issued by the victim against Shin.

Earlier incidents

Back in 2018 at around Christmas time, Shin was accused of holding the same woman hostage for six days.

The victim reported to officers that the abuse had begun when Shin got angry with her for smoking an e-cigarette. She said that he threw her to the ground, repeatedly punched and kicked her, beat her with a vacuum, and then tried to strangle her with the cord.

She also accused him of splashing scalding hot water on her open cuts.

During the time period that the victim was held against her will, she reported that Shin forced her to perform tasks and physically dragged her around his house.

She told the police that she escaped the home and called for help on December 30th.

A judge eventually revoked Shin’s bond after his arrest last month, and a new bond of $454,000 is now set.

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