Netflix tests ‘Instagram feed’ in mobile app

netflix instagram app

Do you want to discover something new to watch, but aren’t trailers enough? Then the new ‘Instagram feed’ in the Netflix app might help.

Netflix is ​​happy to make every effort to let us discover new films and series, so the streaming platform is always looking for the best way to do that.

Netflix is ​​currently testing a content feed in their mobile apps that is very similar to Instagram.

With this new feature, Netflix wants to “help fans create a stronger bond with the titles they hold and assist them in discovering new viewing experiences,” the company told film website Variety.

Unique images

The feed is currently in a testing phase and can be found by a limited number of users at the bottom of the app, where the ‘Extras’ button has appeared instead of ‘Coming Soon’.

Those lucky enough to serve as guinea pigs can scroll through the feed and will see different forms of content.

That can be trailers, which will automatically start playing without sound (just as it is now in ‘Coming Soon’), but also galleries with images as you find them on Instagram.

It is striking that these images cannot be found anywhere else.

So it is effectively about extra content.

Focus on sharing with friends

Netflix places a high emphasis in this feed on sharing the series that you come across with a share button and adding the movie or series to your personal list is also an option.

If the release date is in the future, you can opt for a reminder once the movie or series is available.


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