New evidence found on cold murder case in Nashville

Thirteen years ago, a thirty four year old mother of two, Freweini Gebremicael, was shot and set on fire. Her death is one of the most gruesome deaths in Nashville’s history.

Today, new information is being discovered on this case that went cold thirteen years ago.

Gebremicael was on her way to work on the day of May 4th, 2006. She had just dropped her daughter off at school, and was now headed to City Coffee Shop, a coffee shop downtown where she worked.

Her coffee shop was located on Second Avenue North, just inside Market Street Emporium. The little shop was tucked away just enough to be away from all the commotion in the streets. Since her passing, the coffee shop is no longer there, and instead it’s now a bar.

The day after Gebremicael went missing, her car was found just near her home.

“We know she never made it to the shop that morning.” said Detective Charles Robinson, who’s with the Metro Police Cold Case Unit.

“They left all her items inside her vehicle, including the keys, purse, wallet,” said Robinson. “So, that indicates to me that this was a crime of passion.”

Three days after Gebremicael disappeared, a nearby homeowner called the police to report that there was a fire on Whitsett Road. The fire happened near a creek, and police arrived to the scene to discover that a body had been wrapped in a carpet and set on fire.

A medical examiner determined that it was the body of Gebremicael, who had been shot in the forehead and then set on fire.

“I think about her daily.”

Gebremicael’s daughter, Rutta Simon, was only seventeen years old at the time of her death. Now she’s thirty, and she still misses her mother every day.

“I think about her daily,” said Simon. “But especially during those hard times. I wish she was still here. I know life would be different.”

Simon still wishes for justice for her mother’s death. She knows it won’t replace her or change what happened to her, but she wants justice for the crime.

“She was not only my mom, she was also my best friend,” she said. “Only person I trusted, who always believed in me. But I know she’s with me.”

Robinson and the Metro Police Cold Case Unit believe that Gebremicael knew her killers.

Recent further investigations on the case have revealed DNA evidence of a man and woman under Gebremicael’s fingernails. There hasn’t been a match so far, but investigators are continuing.

Robinson is currently retesting all DNA, and he’s also collecting DNA from people that Gebremicael used to know.

If you or anyone has information on this case, contact Detective Robinson at 615-880-2918.

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