Newborn baby of parents with a UK residence permit can only stay 6 months in UK

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The parents of a newborn baby have been stopped at the British border because their baby does not have a residence permit. The girl was born in the United Kingdom and her parents have a residence permit.

Dr. Charles Kriel and Katharina Viken returned from the American state of Florida, where they had been on vacation. They were allowed back into the country, but their baby was refused entry. Eventually she received a stamp in her passport that is valid for six months. “The immigration officer said there were problems, but did not want to say what was going on. The guy said, ‘Just because she was born here doesn’t mean she has the right to be here. You have to solve this’,” Kriel told The Guardian.

The baby can stay for six months on a tourist visa, as long as she does not accept a paid job during that time. “I don’t think she will be job hunting anytime soon.”, Kriel said angrily.

US national Kriel lives in the UK legally since the late 1990s and has indefinite leave to remain. His fiancé has been living in London for ten years and also has a European passport.

According to a human rights lawyer, the family has been treated horribly. He doubts whether the decision of the immigration officer is legal.

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