NFL Draft 2019 events in Nashville

The NFL Draft in Nashville has been one of the biggest drafts in history. The streets of Nashville have been filled with people each day looking to take part in the fun activities offered. Just for the second night alone, there was an estimated 200,000 people flooding the streets.

There was musical performances by Tim McGraw and Eddie George on the second night, bringing in fans from all over.

What’s happened so far?

In case you’re completely out of the loop and unsure what’s been happening at the draft this year, no worries. You can read all about the events that have been happening right here.

The night before the NFL Draft began, the streets of Nashville were rather peaceful. Not filled with an enormous amount of people or being too crowded to even walk down the street. A day later, that quickly changed.

Everyone came flooding in from all over the country, ready to experience what is likely to be the best NFL Draft of all time.

Since Thursday, there’s been numerous autograph sessions for all to join. There’s even been training sessions if you or a young one is following their dream of becoming a football star. The best part of all? These events are all free, completely for the fans.

“There is something for everybody,” said one of the organizers for the event, “That is why we have a live music stage, we have the food. But then of course we weave in pro football everywhere we go.”

Even free Wi-Fi is being provided at the event.

The NFL Draft has been a blast for everyone so far, and it’s still not over yet. For those who aren’t that interested in football, the events keep rolling out that make it a more fun experience. For the huge football fans, the events are just a cherry on top.


Famous country singer Luke Brian has brought in a total of over $100,000 for four Music City charities. The money was raised by meet and greets, question and answer sessions, and even a surprise performance. The fundraiser made a total of $30,000 for each of the foundations involved. The Predators Foundation, Tennessee Golf Foundation, Titans Foundation, and the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. Each foundations received a total of $30,000.

The music has been a great experience for all who’ve attended the events so far. While the draft continues to go on, so do the events, and the fans are loving it.

There have been experiences such as the Huddle Against Hunger event, which is an event where NFL legends & more took place in activities meant to fight against hunger.

If you’re missing out on all the fun and action, wishing you could be there, there’s various television stations that are broadcasting the event in full. You can make sure that even though you’re not there, you’re not fully missing out on everything happening.

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