Nissan’s electric ice cream van concept could help to fight global warming


Nissan is entertaining a new idea for a vehicle that combats the issue of carbon emissions that are produced by traditional ice cream vans, with the older vans especially pushing out high amounts of greenhouse gases while idling to ensure that the ice cream remains at the appropriate temperatures.

Oxymoron: environment conscious ice cream company

Nissan is tackling the project with Mackie’s of Scotland, a well known ice cream company. Although the dairy industry as a whole is environmentally harmful as well as unethical, Mackie’s has already made an effort to reduce their carbon footprint by using dairy cows from their own family-operated farm that is run by clean energy sources such as wind and solar. Now with the Nissan made zero-emission van, the companies are calling their approach a “sky to scoop” method to decrease their carbon effects.

Sustainable power source

Nissan is modelling the new concept on the e-NV200 light duty commercial van of theirs that is already completely electric and delivers roughly 124 miles (200km) on a single charge. The van has been modified with the Energy Roam, a lithium-ion power source that utilizes batteries taken from older Nissan electric vehicles from 2010 onwards. The reinvented power packs can each hold around 0.7kWh and produce 1kW output. An additional two of these packs are present on-board to power the soft-serve machine as well as the fridges and freezers. The power sources can be charged from a standard UK 230v power outlet or from solar panels on the vehicles roof. The solar panels should have the batteries fully charged within two to four hours by themselves.

The van also comes with a contact-free payment system so that customers can make their purchases through Apple Pay or Google Pay. Furthermore, collaboration with What3Words has the van transmitting its live location on Twitter as opposed to the traditional and somewhat annoying ice cream song.

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