No success on Tinder, then try it on Instagram: Get to know the Tindstagrammer (or rather not)


Occasionally, trends emerge in the world of online dating. The newest in the “annoying” category: Tindstagramming. A man or woman that you have swiped to the left on Tinder, looks up you via Instagram to take a chance there.

For those unfamiliar with dating app Tinder: you will see a photo of a person and a corresponding profile. If the information appeals to you, swipe to the right. If the other person also swipes to the right, then you have a match and you can chat with each other. If you don’t both swipe to the right, but either drags the profile to the left, there is no room to chat. A Tindstagrammer does not settle for the online rejection and still wants to contact you to start a conversation. He or she does this by looking up you on Instagram and sending a private message there.

The American dating coach Samantha Burns, writer of “Breaking Up & Bouncing Back”, finds the behavior disturbing. “You joined a dating app so you could find dates with whom you mutually match, and you likely did not sign up for Instagram to be bombarded by dudes, especially ones you already ruled out.”

Offended ego

According to Burns, a Tindstagrammer acts from a hurt ego. “Sometimes, they have innocent intentions, such as actually trying to get to know you because they were truly were blown away by your dating profile. Other times, it’s just a creepy attempt to send you a sexual message.”

If you are dealing with a Tindstagrammer you can do two things according to the expert. If you feel that the person is genuinely interested and don’t get any creepy vibes you can give him/her  the chance to talk to you. Because who knows, it might just be the one you accidentally swiped to the left. If the contact is undesirable and comes across as stalkerish and creepy too, Instagram fortunately has a block button to make your position (again) clear.

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